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Doctor and Nurse of the Family Program: Vital Pillar of Cuban Health system

Written by Misleydis González Ávila
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Doctor and Nurse of the Family Program: Vital Pillar of Cuban Health system Photo: P26

The Program of the Doctor and Nurse of the Family maintains the mission of strengthening its foundational concepts, based on improving the health status of the population, by solving 70 percent of medical care procedures.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- According to Guiuzel Cutiño Pavón, deputy director of Health in the province, this eastern territory has 543 offices, belonging to 14 polyclinics, some of which provide hospitalization or minor surgery services, where 35 basic working groups guarantee the health attention.
"Today we have no deficit of human resources for the Primary Healthcare Level, the groups are covered with basic specialists (obstetricians, pediatricians and clinicians); and where there is no one, a second opinion is asked."
"The staff will be completed insofar as more professionals from these branches are graduated. We are working also to improve the structural conditions of our consultation offices."
Contributing to the reduction of the infant mortality rate - 3.8 per thousand live births last year-and keep the maternal rate at zero are among the priorities for this year.
At the same time, they focus on promoting preventive programs and timely detection of diseases such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes. The challenges include a better use of the clinical and epidemiological method, raising the quality of services, and improving community participation and intersectorality.
The role of family doctors and nurses in the elimination of Aedes aegypti, the main transmitter of dengue, Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever, is decisive. They are responsible for detecting febrile patients and places with more complex epidemiological conditions.
On January 4, 1984, this program emerged on the initiative of Cuban leader Fidel Castro Ruz. After so many years, it is confirmed as one of the strengths of the Cuban Health System, which focuses more in the prevention than in the cure of diseases.

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