Wednesday, 15 May 2019 10:50

Meeting to Debate on Higher Education in Las Tunas

Written by Yelenis Fernández García - VisiónTunera
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Meeting to Debate on Higher Education in Las Tunas Photo: ReyLópez

Researchers, academics, businessmen, government policy makers and other specialists from around the world will exchange between May 21 and 24 at the Las Tunas 2019 International Expo-Fair and Scientific Convention.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- This international event is sponsored by the University of Las Tunas. María Isabel Sosa Cervantes, Director General of Research and Postgraduate Studies, told 26Digital that more than 500 publications are planned and 87 participants have already confirmed their attendance, with the aim to share their experiences and scientific development on the training of professionals and the impact of universities in the agro-ecological, economic, social and environmental processes that take place in each context.

Lectures given by prestigious academics, pre-event courses, debates in workshops, visits to historical places and night activities are scheduled. Among the topics to be debated are education and society, educational innovation, agricultural sciences and agrarian and rural development; physical culture and sports.

The Convention will also focus on topics on new technologies, economic and business sciences; as well as community and rural work. The works will be published in Volume IV of the Collection of Science and Technological Innovation. The book will be co-edited with the Opuntia Brava magazine.

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