Young Dr. Dianelis Tamayo Díaz

Cuban youth continue to be push, continuity, hope ...; their actions have said it, still lukewarm in the memory of a country that is gradually returning to normal, after facing the COVID-19. In this advanced contingent, the new doctors praised not only their profession, but also the humanistic essence of our social system.

Dr. Dianelis Tamayo Díaz is one of those brave people who were in the frontline in the days when the pandemic terrified the people of Las Tunas. She left her office in the town of Robotán, in Majibacoa, with the only certainty that she would do well to others, and that was reason enough to look ahead. "Since the isolation centers opened, I always said that I would step forward, as I became a doctor to save lives."

Now, from the tranquility of home, those days are being left behind, but not the experience and that gratifying flavor of the accomplished duty. “I attended to suspects of the disease in the isolation center of the Club Familiar motel. At first, I was a little impressed, the red zone was well defined there and we had to wear those green suits. It was really difficult to face a new disease and be away from family."

Dr. Dianelis's words are broken when she refers to her patients, and she reveals a very sensitive woman. “I felt deep pain, because they were alone in their rooms and worried. I put myself in their place. I thought it could be any of mine; my granny, my aunt, my parents ... and that destroyed my soul. I was praying that the PCR results would be negative.”

Young Dr. Dianelis Tamayo Díaz

She speaks with pride of the family she formed in those weeks away from home. "Our work team always remained united, defending the same interest in supporting these people."

And in such attitudes goes all that is needed to promote a work of more than 60 years, built at the hands of young people. “I will always be ready to fight on the front line, feeling the pain of others as my own, honoring this white coat. It is the best way to thank everything the Revolution has given me. ”

After finishing her work at the Family Club, she stayed two weeks at the Las Tunas hotel, where others took care of her health. "We became patients and received wonderful care."

Dianelis is already with her beloved ones. She is the same young woman with a clear look and blond hair who set out decided that day last May. But something changed inside her, where others cannot see. She knows it. She returns more grown as a professional and a human being, and that definitely makes her happy and encourages her to continue the long journey.