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Cuba Ready for May Day Parade

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Cuba Ready for May Day Parade Photo: PL

The Cuban Workers' Union (CTC) has the conditions created Tuesday to celebrate Wednesday the International Workers' Day all over the country.

Havana, Cuba.- Under the motto of "Unity, commitment and victory," the working class will march in the main squares of the country to support the social process begun in January 1959 under the leadership of Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro.

Cuban President Predicts Massive Demonstration on May Day

The health sector bloc will open the parade in Havana, a recognition to the health workers who watch over the health of the people and save lives in other parts of the world, General Secretary of the CTC, Ulises Guilarte stressed.

Cuban youth will close the country's most massive act, which symbolizes the continuity of the revolutionary process, Guilarte specified.

The May 1 celebration comes days after the CTC held its 21st Congress at the Convention's Center in Havana.

The workers in the final statement of the meeting, strongly condemned the Helms Burton Law as an expression of the annexationist and meddling attempts of the United States against Cuba.

This final statement declaration called on the trade union organizations to demand the release of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a political prisoner of neo-liberalism in the region.


More than 17 organizations in Havana are finalizing on Tuesday details for the May Day parade on Wednesday.


Marilyn Saborit, the main person in charge of preparation of the Revolution Square from the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC, in Spanish), stressed the commitment of the state organizations that support the workers celebrations.

"We plan to finish all the preparations Tuesday around noon, including lights, railings, chairs, bleachers, audio, public services, among others," she said.

Saborit added there have been no problems so far in the preparation process and all activities are on schedule.

She also explained the parade will have a choreographic dance made up of 1,000 students from the Camilo Cienfuegos Military Academy and a 300-member orchestra.

Other squares in the rest of the country will also be ready to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the CTC.

The parade will be staged days after the CTC held its 21st Congress, in which delegates advocated for the right of nations to sovereignty, self-determination, and human access to employment, education, health, and social security as paradigms of the Cuban Revolution. (PL)

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