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Guayabal Protects its Coasts

Written by Rafael Aparicio Coello - Radio Maboas
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Guayabal Protects its Coasts Photo: Rafael Aparicio

Genaro Vázquez Guerra does not hide his pride and his eyes start getting closed, wanting to contain a torrent of tears, before the emotion that invades every inch of his anatomy when he hears his name among the founders of the Coastguard Troops and the Mirando al Mar (Looking at the Sea) detachments.


"Amancio", Las Tunas.- "I cannot really describe my feelings, I joined the Revolution very young and in the twilight of my life, I only tell young people not to allow this work, full of dignity and humanism, die."

His trembling and intermittent words express the feelings of many of those present in the practical exercise that closed in the province of Las Tunas, the 14th Joint Operation between the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and the Coastguard Troops, with the aim of preserving immaculate our coasts.

The maritime settlement of Guayabal, point of the municipality of Amancio in which the land meets the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, received representatives of the Coastguard Troops, the CDRs and members of the Manuel Ascunce Domenech and Victoria de Girón Mirando al Mar detachments, to honor founders and young people that recently incorporated into these structures.

Bismar Gras Rodríguez, of the national leadership of the CDR, praised the performance and endorsement of those who integrate these forces that were born in 1959 and called them to generalize the neighborhood debates so that the community knows the objective of the Mirando al Mar detachments.

On the other hand, Maura Rodríguez Ramírez, coordinator of the CDRs in the province of Las Tunas, and Major José Expósito González, first officer of the North East Department of the Coastguard Troops, recognized the quality of the actions carried out by the Mirando al Mar detachments during the 14th Joint Operation. He recommended writing the history of each of those structures.

The operation involved the members of the Mirando al Mar detachments, whose fundamental mission is the search for naval means, possible infiltrations or exfiltrations, illegal departures from the country, and to prevent the entry of armaments or drugs on the coast or at sea.

The Coastguard Troops, which emerged in 1963, constitute strength in the protection of the national territory, whose proximity to the United States and the hostility of the northern administrations are permanent threats.

The coasts of Las Tunas are defended by the members of nine Mirando al Mar detachments, composed by inhabitants from the coastal settlements, advised by representatives of the Coastguard Troops.

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