Wednesday, 08 May 2019 10:07

Helms-Burton Act against Cuba Described as Tyrannical Arrogance

Written by PL
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The members of the Martí Youth Movement (MJM) and the José Martí Cultural Society (SCJM) on Wednesday described the enforcement of the US Helms-Burton Act against Cuba as tyrannical arrogance.


Havana, Cuba.- "Cowardice, evilness, tyrannical arrogance, infamy, nerve, violation of the most elementary principles and standards of international coexistence are summarized in this juridical aberration," the MJM and the SCJM said in a statement.

"They are trying to steal everything that belongs to our people, to dismount the work of social justice built by the Revolution for 60 years and to bring us back to colonial times"' the communiqué added. We call for an in-depth and rigorous analysis of what Fidel called the Act of Slavery and for a radical denunciation of its perverse objectives, the members of the two organizations stressed.

We urge the artists and writers linked to the MJM and the SCJM to commit all their talent and creativity to the service of truth, of dignity, of the defense of the Revolution, pointed out the document, which was quoted by the newspaper Juventud Rebelde. (PL)

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