Wednesday, 15 May 2019 09:24

Cuban Official Warns over Aggression to Venezuelan Embassy in USA

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Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra has warned that recent aggression against the Venezuelan embassy in the United States sets a dangerous precedent in the field of diplomatic relations.


Havana, Cuba.- Sierra posted on his Twitter account that the illegal bursting of the Washington Metropolitan Police into the Venezuelan mission is a show of total disrespect of the local authorities to the most fundamental rules of International Law.

"Another cowardly aggression against #Venezuela that sets a dangerous precedent in the field of the diplomatic relations, by violating the Vienna Convention with impunity," the deputy foreign minister wrote.

U.S. Government Turns off Water in Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC (+Tweet)

Washington police officers on Tuesday broke into the Venezuelan embassy and delivered an eviction document, without signature, to the members of the Embassy Protection Group who oppose to deliver the building to Carlos Vecchio, "representative" of Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaidó.

According to information, the group of activists that protects the embassy is still there after they received the memo apparently from the US government, which also contains the threat of being arrested and criminally prosecuted if they refuse to turn over the building.

The members of the Embassy Protection Group and demonstrators who remain outside the building consider that the intended transfer of the embassy to the Venezuelan opponents is illegal and violates the Vienna Convention.

They also affirm that it is part of the coup attempt against the Venezuelan government and its President Nicolás Maduro. (PL)

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