Monday, 27 May 2019 15:15

Helms-Burton Act Is Illegal, Italian Communist Leader Says

Written by PL
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The Helms-Burton Act that the United States is currently applying against Cuba is illegitimate, Davide Meloni, General Secretary of the Communist Party in Sardinia, Italy, said.


Havana, Cuba.- That legislation undermines the sovereignty and economic development of Cuba and its relations abroad, the Italian politician stated.

Meloni told Trabajadores newspaper that no State has the power to apply punishments to another one.

This supports the extraterritorial nature and violates International Law of Helms-Burton Act, with which the United States codifies the economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba, he said.

The UN has to demand that U.S. President Donald Trump respects the right of the peoples, and recalled that the vast majority of countries voted at the UN General Assembly to lift that blockade against Cuba, Meloni added. (PL)

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