Wednesday, 29 May 2019 22:15

US Press Questions Inquiry into Health Incidents in Cuba

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Most of the early investigations into health incidents reported by U.S. diplomats in Cuba could have been flawed or biased, the BuzzFeed News website said Wednesday.

Washington.- The media reported this conclusion based on interviews with public health officials and affected individuals and a review of documents including e-mails exchanged between investigators and a U.S. Navy office.

The publication recalled that the cause of symptoms reported by more than 20 officials, including dizziness, headaches and concentrating difficulty, is still unknown.

According to the website, the reason for those conditions could remain a mystery 'because of the way the State Department began medical investigation into what happened.

According to BuzzFeed, the early investigation was limited to two groups of competing researchers, both eager to publish studies on their own work and whose findings have disagreed with each other.

In one case, researchers also sought to foster their own newly approved medical device as a diagnostic tool, and so far, the effort has lacked broader supervision by an institution capable to carry out interdisciplinary inquiry, it warned.

Emails obtained through the media show that teams fought and refused to share data as they moved into a contest to publish in the world's two most prestigious medical journals, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of American Medical Association. (PL)

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