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Disappointment in the United States with Latest Restrictions on Cuba (+Tweets)

Written by RHC
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Disappointment in the United States with Latest Restrictions on Cuba (+Tweets) Photo: LAZ

Various voices have been raised in the United States against the Trump Administration´s latest announcement, restricting travel by US citizens to Cuba.

New York.— US democrat Congresswomen Kathy Castor (D-Fla) and Barbara Lee (D-Cal) criticized the imposition of new limitations on the trips of the Americans to Cuba and warned of their effects on the peoples of both countries.

The United States-Cuba Business Council expressed its disappointment over the restrictions and called for respecting the freedom of travel of US citizens.

"We are disappointed that the government has chosen to impose additional restrictions on the conditions and means for travel from the United States to Cuba," the Business Council, which belongs to the North American Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement.

U.S.-Cuba Business Council Statement on Administration's Travel Restrictions to Cuba
US Mayor Criticizes New Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Meanwhile, the executive director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas, Emily Mendrala, considered that the new regulations "represent another step backwards that will only undermine the commercial interests of the United States and further divide Cuban families."

Engage Cuba, a coalition that advocates for the lifting of the US blockade and travel ban, stated that restricting US citizens' freedom to travel is an attack to their fundamental rights, and added that the federal government should not be policing where Americans go on vacation.

"Our core freedom should not be held hostage by politicians for naked partisanship," Engage Cuba said. (RHC)

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