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Governmental Visit to Camagüey Ends with a Call for the Eradication of Domestic Deficiencies

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Governmental Visit to Camagüey Ends with a Call for the Eradication of Domestic Deficiencies Photo: RHC

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bemudez described the tense situation that the country is experiencing as a result of the aggressive and vindictive position of the United States Government, which has resorted to new pretexts to intensify the economic blockade, financial persecution and strengthen the extraterritorial nature of its hostile measures with the full implementation of the Helms-Burton Act.


Camagüey, Cuba.- In a meeting on Thursday with political, administrative and business executives at the end of a government visit to the province of Camagüey, Díaz-Canel pointed out that this scenario is worsened by domestic shortcomings, related to bureaucracy, corruption, theft, illegalities, waste of resources, the waste of industrial capacities and the importation mentality, among other problems that urgently need to be eradicated.

He said that these issues must be solved through efficient management of government, primarily based on a work style that discards everything that favors inertia, indolence, sloppiness, obstacles, the neglect of the most pressing problems of the population and the lack of revolutionary sensitivity and restlessness.

"If we are able to understand with responsibility the situation that the country is experiencing, if we are able to assume that the threats of the empire will not intimidate us or deprive us of our sleep, we will not only resist, but we will continue advancing and developing with full conviction and faith in victory ", assured the Cuban President.

The team of ministers that accompanied the Cuban leader told the meeting that the main difficulties Camaguey province faces are related to the cane-sugar production, the territorial self-supply program, the construction of housing and compliance with planned exports. (RHC)

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