Díaz-Canel congratulated students and their teachers for the work they do

President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez interacts with students and teachers at the Cucalambé Professional Art School in Las Tunas

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Artistic education is undoubtedly one of the achievements of the Cuban Revolution, and one of the treasures that deserves to be preserved, which is why, as part of his visit to this territory, the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, shared with students and teachers of El Cucalambé Professional School of Art (EPA).

The school's director, Nurys Cantallops, explained that art education in Las Tunas is now 45 years old, although the school's current facilities are celebrating their 30th anniversary.

The school has an enrollment of 333 students from various eastern provinces, in the specialties of music, dance and more recently also welcomes the National School of Clown.

During his stay at the institution, Díaz-Canel was interested in the resources available to the center today for the fulfillment of its social function. At the same time, he wanted to know the main limitations for the development of the teaching-educational process. In addition, he visited some of the classrooms, part of the scholarship and the computer labs.

The Professional School of Art was the one with the best results in the east of Cuba in last year's level passes, and hosts both the elementary and middle levels.

During his dialogue with the director of the center, the Cuban Head of State recalled the importance of the improvement of the teaching staff for a better quality education and asked about the community work and the results in that sense.

As an example of the work carried out there, he enjoyed the presentation by the students. Before leaving, Díaz-Canel congratulated them all for the work they do and for their daily efforts in the midst of the tensions facing the country and signed the visitors' book.

Alejandro Gil Fernández, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Planning, and Alpidio Alonso, Minister of Culture accompanied the Cuban President, making evident the importance that Cuban society attaches to educating younger generations, and to culture, as indispensable to Cuban national identity. (Granma)

Díaz-Canel enjoyed presentations by students