Total Theater group

After 2019 of lights and work, the Total Theater group, the only drama company in the province of Las Tunas, designs new presentations and other initiatives for the current calendar. This demonstrates their interest in contributing to culture despite the difficult infrastructure situation of its headquarters, the Blanca Becerra Hall.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- As reported by members of that group in a press conference, they work in two staging. One is about the play I wait for you on the other side, together with Freddy Núñez, director of Teatro del Viento, from Camagüey, and the other is an adaptation of the piece Two Lost in a Dirty Night (by playwright Plinio Marcos), under the direction of the actor Juan Manuel Maestre.

Total Theater group“We also encourage an oral narration project, we are invited to other provinces to share our work in that direction and we even have spectacles in such modality,” said Adelaida Villavicencio, director of the group.

In 2019, they toured Mexico, with productive results. “We participate in the Sanctorum  International Theater Festival developed in the Huasteca of that country. Besides, we presented works there and in other places (in schools, for example) such as The Island of Dreams, What a couple and The last bolero. In total, there were more than 16 functions. They announced that the fourth edition of the Sanctorum that is celebrated in November of this year will be dedicated to Cuba.

“The Day of the Dead was celebrated there, its famous party and the reception of the public was great. We performed in open spaces and managed to gather around us many people, it was fabulous. In addition, we were involved in a campaign to develop the habit of reading and exchanged with actors from other nations,” said actress Liudmila Díaz.

For actress Elizabeth Borrero, it was also an unforgettable experience. “We had the opportunity to be a kind of ambassadors of Cuban culture and education, because we shared, together with art, ideas about our educational methods in the schools we visited. Their workers realized the usefulness of the theater to educate. We also participated in the first edition of the Breaking Borders International Festival  and we are already invited  for its second chapter this year."