Monday, 11 March 2019 15:57

Cuban Artists and Writers on the Way to their 9th Congress

Written by Esther De la Cruz Castillejo
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Cuban Artists and Writers on the Way to their 9th Congress Photo: ReyLópez

The artistic vanguard of Las Tunas is immersed in an intense process prior to the 9th Congress of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac), which will take place in Havana from June 28th to 30th. In these days, the assembly stage ends within the six branches that operate between Las Tunas city and Puerto Padre.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- According to Tania Rondón, president of the Commission that oversees the regulations for this period, the coming May 10th will be a crucial moment. On that date, the assembly of the territory will take place with a view to the great appointment. A kind of "congress in Las Tunas" in which the new presidency and the local delegation to the event will be elected.

"All the subsidiaries have renewed their directive and have addressed important issues as the antecedent of the May conclave. Among the most pressing topics is the need for the government and political directorates of the province and the institutions to continue looking at the Uneac and counting on its creators as what we are, a committed and cutting-edge organization.

"Our criteria have to be taken more into account, the same when conceiving an artistic jury, restoring a building or the possibilities of literary publications.
"We are working hard and I can assure that every step of this phase of the Congress takes place with seriousness and transparency."

"Carlos Tamayo, outgoing president, is the founder of the Provincial Committee and leaves the charge with excellent outcomes because his work has been virtuous. Likewise, we have in the candidacy of the new presidency excellent artists, with the necessary potentialities to follow the path and contribute to the culture from an advanced position."

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