Tuesday, 16 April 2019 16:20

House in Puerto Padre Nominated to the National Conservation Award

Written by Esther De la Cruz Castillejo
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House in Puerto Padre Nominated to the National Conservation Award Photo: Courtesy of Patrimonio

The spacious vernacular house on the 73 of 24 de Febrero Street, between Línea and Conrado Benítez, in the city of Puerto Padre, is nominated for the National Conservation Award this year. It is owned by Francisco Ramón Álvarez Suárez.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Tania Fernández Cervantes, Master's degree in Cultural Development and director of the Technical Group of Monuments in Las Tunas, defined the building as "a true jewel" for the many pieces it treasures, as well as the links with the culture and local history of those who have been its inhabitants throughout lustrums.

Its walls, all made of small wooden boards, stand out, the original floors, valuable porcelain objects, paintings, lamps, antique furniture and comadritas; as well, the interior courtyard with swing of that time and the manual well to the center.

"It has a high level of conservation. It is admirable both in the visual, its exterior and interior, as in aesthetic and environmental. It is true that it has undergone some transformations over time, but they were very few."

Among the changes is, for example, the replacement of windows. Now they are "Miami", carpentry, a type of cabinet making that begins with the modern movement; however, being a vernacular construction allows these adjustments, she said.

Fernández Cervantes said that, although it was not among the finalists, the territory also proposed the complete file of the San José Catholic Church, also located in the Villa Azul, to be taken into account in the restoration section. That construction had previously been Provincial Prize in that category.

The expert assured the expectation among the experts of Las Tunas, because the province could achieve is the best result of its history in these contests. The announcement of the laurels is scheduled for the night of April 18, date declared by UNESCO as International Day for Monuments and Sites, which in 2019, it is dedicated to rural landscapes.

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