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Casa de las Américas Cultural Institution Reject Maneuvers against Venezuela

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The institution said they try to ignore the achievements in countries such as Venezuela, currently under siege. The institution said they try to ignore the achievements in countries such as Venezuela, currently under siege. Photo: AVN

Havana, Cuba.- Casa de las Américas Cultural Institution issued a declaration condemning the criminal actions against the legitimate government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela carried out by reactionary forces "driven by US imperialism with its traditional allies".

The cultural institution refers that since the unforgettable Hugo Chávez assumed the Presidency of Venezuela, that South American country has lived through a revolutionary process that has benefited its people and has left a positive influence beyond its borders.

The text adds that the enemy has responded not only with a fierce media campaign, but with attempted coups similar to what has happened in Honduras, Paraguay and recently Brazil where embarrassing scandals occur on a daily basis.

"We now that even the purest historic processes are not exempt to mistakes and negative aspects. This does not mean that we cannot disregard the great achievements of countries like today's Venezuela harassed by opposition like in other moments in history, Guatemala with Árbenz, Chile and Salvador Allende and of course Cuba, that has suffered and has defeated countless attempts by the Empire", says the note.

It recalls that for over half a century, Washington has had Cuba "submitted to a monstrous blockade which regrettably the current tenant of the White House has reinforced.

Casa de las Américas affirms that condemning the maneuvers against Venezuela wants to leave as evidence the Caribbean island's hope in the revolutionary people of the sister nation in its firm government and its loyal armed forces.

The cause of the Bolivarian and Chavista Venezuela is that of all of humanity across the world, including the United States, that want a better world, concludes the note. (ACN)

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