Friday, 03 May 2019 22:30

Ottimo!!! (+Photos)

Written by István Ojeda Bello
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Ottimo!!! (+Photos) Photos: István Ojeda

"Ottimo!" (Excellent) is the phrase that characterizes Giuseppe Castelvecchio, who has added another chapter to the fast-paced story of his life with his first trip to Las Tunas.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Peppo, as his friends know him in the Italian region of Lombardy, after 15 years of priesthood felt that his path was different.He had five children and together with them, he went to direct El Pelicano, a therapeutic community against drug and alcohol addictions, located just outside his city, Lodi.

Every summer he spends his time and spends several weeks in Belarus, collaborating with projects to help those affected by the accident at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl.

This time, his adventurous eagerness and commitment to just causes brought him, from the hand of his friend Franco Tonon, to the May Day parade on the Balcón de Oriente, together with the other the members of the 37th Giovanni Ardizzone Brigade of Volunteer Work, of the Italy-Cuba National Association of Friendship.

37th Giovanni Ardizzone Brigade of Volunteer Work in May Day Parade

"It is wonderful to see all the people together parading proud to build their future, with a commitment to continuity and great revolutionary spirit," he said.

His presence in the Major General Vicente García González Revolution Plaza was the culmination of several days of intense activity in the remodeling of the Jorge Aleaga Peña special school. He sweated as the most in the effort to leave much more beautiful the school that is distinguished by its sensitivity and respect for the difference.

37th Giovanni Ardizzone Brigade of Volunteer Work in May Day Parade

"Ottimo!" he exclaimed in front of each newly painted wall. Without fear of fatigue, he also participated in the tour of the "Giovanni Ardizzone" by relevant institutions of the territory such as the Majibacoa sugar mill, the Ernesto Guevara hospital and the Monte Cabaniguán protected area.

Now, Peppo will add to his memories, which he called The possible utopia, the experiences of having shared, here too, the same goals of hope and harmony with which he leaves every morning to try to reintegrate into society those who have been marginalized for too long. Then he will say again: "Ottimo!"

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