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Sunday, 18 March 2018 10:54

Cuba Exhibits Latest Tourism News at Paris World Fair

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Paris-  Many hotel and tour operators from Cuba are exhibiting their latest options at the World Tourism Fair in Paris, which is taking place at the Exhibition Park in this capital.

Sunday, 18 March 2018 10:23

Goodbye to dark homes

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In the most recondite of rural settlements, the electric light has arrived for the first time. The shine in the eyes of the beneficiaries is stamped on the operators. In line with the commitment, the authorities have proposed to bring electricity to those houses that never had it before in Las Tunas on April 15th.

  1. A plant for the treatment of grains is being built in Las Tunas, which will assume the processing and packing of bean and corn varieties grown in the province and destined to the wholesale and to the population.

It is not the song of his cock what wakes Edilberto González early in the morning. Even, many times he stumbles upon the cock and wakes him from a kick.