We Recomend

We Recomend (6)

Cuba has more than 100,000 medical doctors in active practice, the highest figure in its history.

A school course that finishes is the end of a page, a notebook in which day to day adventures were written, with crayons and watercolors. At this time, this book is closed and the best memories and knowledge are captured in its pages. This happens in these parts, where the educational sector dismisses the teaching calendar with many successes.

During the current Influenza Vaccination Campaign, which began on July 1st, the seasonal influenza vaccine is administered to more than 29,500 inhabitants of Las Tunas in order to prevent serious complications with the disease.

Amado Luis Palma Torres, chief of the Environment Unit of the territorial delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma), told 26Digital that "in this province, the processes of desertification are manifested the most at the national level. So, the growth of forest cover should become a priority."

The reencounter with the community of Omaja closed the stay in this province of eastern Cuba of the members of the Finland-Cuba Friendship Association, who gave their collaboration for the renovation of the Mártires de Las Tunas Pediatric Hospital.

At a good rhythm, the production of honey in Las Tunas exceeds 137 tons, which means that beekeepers have fulfilled their commitment for this stage, and they estimate that if the perseverance is maintained at work, this year a record should be set.