Wednesday, 26 December 2018 19:20

Las Tunas Accomplishes Sugar Plan for the So-called Small Harvest

Written by Juan Soto Cutiño
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Las Tunas Accomplishes Sugar Plan for the So-called Small Harvest Photo: ReyLópez

"Las Tunas and Villa Clara became the first Cuban provinces to fulfill the sugar production plan of the so-called small harvest," Liobel Pérez Hernández, Azcuba's institutional communicator, told 26Digital.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Thanks to the tremendous thrust of the Majibacoa sugar mill, this eastern province was able to complete, several days in advance, the 32,121 tons of sugar planed to be fabricated before December 31st.
According to Pérez Hernández, the Majibacoa is the first of the sugar mills in operation in the country to reach 20,000 tons of sugar; 4,500 more than the planned for this initial stage of the harvest.
The "Majibacoa" is in fifth place and the provincial sugar company, fourth, in the comprehensive evaluation carried out by Azcuba; but with excellent results in the section that measures the extraction and delivery of sugar, according to the expert.
Until the working day that closed at 7:00 am this Tuesday, the "Antonio Guiteras Colossus" was lacking to produce about 2,000 tons, a quiet achievable amount before the end of the year, if the rain -present Center and North of the province since Monday - does not hinder the passage of the forces in charge of manual and mechanized harvesting of sugarcane.
If so, and despite the time lost (50 percent) by the "Amancio Rodríguez", due to breaks and operational interruptions, Las Tunas would close 2018 with some four or five thousand tons of sugar over the plan until December 31; which would represent the largest production for a small harvest since 2005.
The Colombia sugar mill is the only remaining to start the milling, which will do so as soon as some details emerged during the general test are corrected, according to Adalberto Turruellas Pavón, chief specialist of the Azcuba Sugar Company.

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