Thursday, 09 May 2019 16:02

Evoluciona, A Call for Gender Equity

Written by Yuset Puig Pupo
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The national campaign Evoluciona (Evolves) for the nonviolence towards women, sponsored by the Oscar Arnulfo Romero Center (OAR), has found in Las Tunas a fertile scenario to massif this knowledge and eradicate the latent prejudices in society.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Elia Marina Brito Hidalgo, official of the educational component of the Mother and Child Program in the province, master in Psychology, clinical sexologist with vast experience in child and youth therapies, tells 26Digital that this campaign will be extended to the 2022. It is inserted in a context marked by machismo and the imperatives of a patriarchal society, and it is aimed at the youth population, to change collective imaginaries around violence.

Elia points out that "although Evoluciona is oriented to the public from 18 to 24 years of age, the message can be understood by people in other age ranges."

"From all possible spaces, through lectures and educational conferences, we are advocating transforming collective imaginaries, among which stands out the conception that the woman's body is to satisfy the needs of man, that women require compliments to have high self-esteem, or that men have the right to say things to women when they dress provocatively.

"The current campaign will reach the different municipalities through the Centers for Orientation to Women and the Family, because the treatment of violence is a topic incorporated into the daily work of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC)."

Since 2006, the Oscar Arnulfo Romero Center has been organizing campaigns against violence, and the efforts of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), the National Center for Sex Education (Cenesex), and the Center for Youth Studies (CESJ) have been added in the current one, as well as the funds received from different organizations.

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