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Martinique’s Solidarity Group Extols Cuban Educational System

Written by Leydiana Leyva Romero -
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Martinique’s Solidarity Group Extols Cuban Educational System Photo: Leydiana Leyva

"It is not worth flooding the children with sophisticated toys to take them on the right path, so they are worthy." This is one of the ideas that Hierso Simone will tell her fellow citizens of Martinique when she arrives. It was her reflection after her visit to the Amiguitos del Minint childcare center, in this city.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- She was accompanied by four companions who visit Las Tunas to learn about the characteristics of the Cuban educational system. Lavril Dumont, who is heading the group of solidarity activists, commented his impression when visiting an institution designed by the Cuban Revolution to educate the infants.

"I have visited Cuba with students from Martinique and I was really seduced by the educational system. I would like it to be the same in my country. All my friends were fascinated after visiting the Amiguitos del Minint childcare center because the Cuban Government is developing an impressive educational work. It does not happen in my country, there is no such marked interest of institutions towards infants."

The Martinican activists were interested in the number of these centers in the province of Las Tunas, the age range of the children who are attended there and the teaching they receive.

This educational center was visited in 1988 by Fidel Castro. The memories of his hurried passage through the installation are preserved as a great treasure at the entrance, so that everyone who arrives knows the history that emanates from there. The Martinicans saw the book that shows the signature of the eternal Cuban Commander in Chief.

The program of the Martinique's solidarity group also included visits to the Antonio Guiteras sugar mill, in the municipality of Puerto Padre, and the Luis Urquiza Jorge Pre-university Vocational Institute of Exact Sciences (Ipvce), of this city.

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