Tuesday, 14 May 2019 16:56

Cuba Drafts New Family Code

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Cuba is currently working on the drafting of a new Family Code, with the challenge of including the diversity of family institutions and social issues.


Havana, Cuba.- The Code, which must be ready in two years' time, will be in accordance with the Constitution adopted in December by the Cuban Parliament and in a popular referendum in February where millions of people participated. For Yamila González, Deputy President of the Cuba Union of Jurists, there are many challenges, as there are many family institutions to modify, upgrade their contents and make them viable to respond to the needs and ensure the resolution of conflicts that may arise.

The fact that our Constitution safeguards family diversity and that all kinds of families are equally valid and important is something essential, the jurist said.

"There has to be coherence between the constitutional document and the principles developed by the rest of the legislation in the legal system," the specialist added, according to Granma newspaper.

González insisted on not forgetting that it is in the family environment where stereotypes are formed, of diverse nature, but mainly sexist.

For this reason, she said, "it is vital to make a strong effort to raise awareness among the population."

The idea is that people know the contents of the new code and understand that people's rights cannot be limited based on stereotyped criteria or prejudices, which lead to discrimination. (PL)

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