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The University as Strategic Ally for Local Development

Written by Elena Diego Parra
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The University as Strategic Ally for Local Development Photos: ReyLópez

"The idea of universities becoming strategic allies to accompany local development actors and authorities is increasingly being positioned," said researcher Aramís Rivas Diéguez, from Las Tunas, who gave the inaugural conference of the 2nd International Scientific Convention and Expo-Fair Las Tunas 2019.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- The Doctor of Agricultural Sciences said that "Higher Education from all its structures must create groups and policies that allow understand the demands of knowledge, science and innovation required by the socio-institutional network and position the offers they have. He explained that "this is due to the fact that we need science, knowledge and innovation to be able to promote all the processes of development".

Dr. in Agricultural Sciencies Aramís RivasThe university professor also said that "the times of the entrepreneurial framework are different from that of the academy, so we have to create capacities and structures that allow the coupling of both." We have to ensure that the centers of higher education are integrated to the demands generated from the municipal strategies of development, those we are all destined to promote and can only be built from the articulation of the government, the institutions and the citizenship."

According to the criterion of Rivas Diéguez, universities are required to be proactive in positioning more what they can do; and their substantive processes, from undergraduate to postgraduate, must be mainstreamed by the territorial development approach. One of the challenges that Higher Education considers in the country today is the training of professionals with the skills and aptitudes required to better perform their function and who can be seen as social actors.

With regard to the operation of what should be the management of the Government in terms of these issues, he stressed that "the main example is being given by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, because when he goes to a province he always approaches the university, so that we must continue to promote this good practice of our president, "concluded the academic.

2nd Scientific International Convention Las Tunas 2019

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