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Popular Camping for Higher Quality Service on the Threshold of Summer Season

Written by Yami Montoya -
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Río Jobabo camping site Río Jobabo camping site Photo: Yaidel M. Rodríguez

An extensive maintenance plan is carried out in the six facilities of the Popular Camping in the province of Las Tunas, before the closeness of the summer period.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Elvira Ricardo Castro, commercial director of that Company in the territory, told that constructive expansion actions are developed in service areas of the touristic installations to diversify the proposals, as well they are repairing the hydraulic and electrical systems.

Ricardo Castro emphasized that as part of the option of nature tourism "we work in attractive and varied recreational modalities for the thousands of local and national vacationers who enjoy hiking and excursions in the localities where Camping facilities are located."

More than a thousand capacities of accomodation are distributed at Punta Corella, Guayabal, Aguada de Vázquez, Los Pinos, Río Jobabo and Cerro de Caisimú, and since the beginning of May is available the hiring of bids until January 6th.

More than 200 cabins keep open throughout the year, with coverage of products in accordance with the demand of visitors that include among their preferences healthy recreation in harmony with the environment.

With the modalities of beach, swimming pool and nature tourism, these facilities maintain its attractions among vacationers in the province, by direct contact with nature and options in the game rooms and sports areas by renting recreational facilities.

This modality of tourism became a massive practice after extending its modalities of accommodation and enjoyment available to all Cubans in 1981.

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