Monday, 10 June 2019 14:38

Remodeling Plan at Las Tunas Train Station

Written by István Ojeda Bello
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Remodeling Plan at Las Tunas Train Station Photos: István Ojeda

Officials of the Railways Union in this province of eastern Cuba reported a plan to remodel the station of the capital city to bring it to the height of the quality of the new trains manufactured in China that will circulate next summer. This was announced during the stop that "the iron giant" made here as part of its first test trip.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Reynaldo Alfonso Montero, deputy director of railways in Las Tunas, said that a schedule for the renovation some of the terminal and its premises was elaborated months ago. At first, he explained, they will focus on improving the waiting room whose capacity will be expanded to 180 seated persons. In addition, they will work in the bathrooms, the water and express services. "We will place all the necessary information so that travelers know their duties and rights," he said.

The renovation actions will last what remains of 2019 and probably part of next year, and it will be done, he insisted, respecting the characteristics of the building, which is part of the railway heritage of the territory. In the longer term, he concluded, the operation within the station of a sale office of the Viajero agency is foreseen so that the clients can acquire the tickets, including those of return.


During the train stop, government authorities in the territory noted the benefits of it.

Splendid confort of new train cars

Rolando Navarro Hernández, deputy general director of the Railways Union of Cuba explained to Jaime Chiang Vega, president of the Provincial Assembly of the People's Power, that the new cars have central air conditioning, reclining seats, television, bathrooms and a capacity of 72 seats, except the dining car whose seating capacity is 56.

Navarro said that as long as all the cars are arriving in the country (they will be 240), the frequencies of all national trains will be extended. "At this time, he said, we study the price rates that will be in tune with the excellent comfort of the train."

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