Thursday, 20 June 2019 23:09

Jessica, Venezuela and the Future

Written by Esther De la Cruz Castillejo
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Jessica, Venezuela and the Future Photo: Yami Montoya

Jessica Marian Morales wants to be a journalist. She likes the universe of communication very much. Perhaps, that is why she is especially loquacious in the dialogue as she tells 26 Digital about her recent experience as part of the Cuban delegation to the 18th Latin American and Caribbean Student Congress (Clae), which took place in Caracas.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- In these days, she repeatedly comments on the event with the classmates of the Luis Urquiza Jorge Pre-university Vocational Institute of Exact Sciences (Ipvce), where she is in tenth grade. Likewise, she also talks about it with those who surround her in the working group of the Federation of the Secondary Education Students (FEEM) in the territory, in which she is a member.

We are convinced that she does not do so because of the mere vanity of someone who tells such a beautiful experience in her few years of leadership; but for transcendental reasons. "It was wonderful." The main theme addressed in the meeting was unity, anti-imperialist struggle and emancipatory education. In all of them, Cuba is an example.

"The people around me were well informed of the reality of the island, even their interventions were always referred to our country and its conquests as paradigms."
She has the gift of speaking with her hands, words, gestures and gaze: all at once. She goes from one episode to another with the speed that characterizes a teenager like her, capable of understanding the most intense of human messages on the air.

That is why I am learning everything at once, and a bit of snippets. The same happens in the social networks with the questions that are asked to her about the educational reality in this Homeland, related to the reaching higher studies here; what she tells me about the interviews she gave and how they did not stop inquiring about her role in the appointment, as a young Cuban.

She is silent for a moment and looks focused on her ideas when the memories take her to the most important thing. "We went to many places related to the history of Venezuela and America, in general, they took us to the University of Caracas, which is immense, and to the cemetery where Bolívar is buried, and we also attended the meeting with the different Cuban missions that are there.

"But without a doubt, the most impressive thing was to visit El Cuartel de la Montaña, the place where Hugo Chávez is buried. Moreover, they gave us in that place, which has a great historical connotation, a whole lecture of his life. There are some of his belongings, very emotional photos. It´s indescribable what one feels in front of a man like him."

Somebody passes and distracts us. Then she takes up her carefree expression and tells me about Jobabo, her homeland, and the supreme support that she receives from her family and her classmates. I am left with her smile and her enormous desire to change the world for the better. She is in the age of great conquests. The Congress seems to have come into her life to show her the certainty of the way she is now, young and determined.

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