Friday, 21 June 2019 23:04

Save Forests, Raison d'Être

Written by Luz Marina Reyes Caballero
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Save Forests, Raison d'Être Photo: ReyLópez

On June 21, 1975, the Day of the Agroforestry Worker was instituted, coinciding with the first day of the summer season and the rainiest month in Cuba; when the sprouts are ready to be taken to the fields, and being planted in those conditions, they germinate the best possible way.


Las Tunas.- The development of forestry in the province has displayed an impulse in the last calendar, fundamentally linked with the attention and care of the forests. Today, when agro forestry workers celebrates their Day, the venue of the provincial celebrations is the municipality of Puerto Padre, the most outstanding territory in the promotion and integral management of the areas.

The results validate the stability of the work of Las Tunas Agro forestry Company; its workers not only direct efforts to preserve forest heritage, but also to increase production and exportable items, which are essential for the advancement of the local and national economy.

As reported by Jorge Luis Padilla Carralero, director of Development and Business in the entity, among the main achievements highlights the production of more than 2,294 cubic meters of sawn wood, obtaining 3,042 cubic meters of wood for direct use and about 27,820 of combustible wood.

Regarding forestry, the progress is also noticeable, since they achieved the 346 hectares planned for sowing; they work in the treatment to more than 2,630 hectares of forests and the maintenance to 3, 402 of plantations.

The manufacture of charcoal for export reaches 3,426 tons, being one of the outstanding provinces in this area, although they must work in order to maintain, and even surpass, such successes in the coming years.

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