The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba repudiates, in the strongest terms, measures announced by the United States government on June 4, 2019, reinforcing the economic blockade imposed on Cuba for more than 60 years, at a cost to the Cuban economy that in 2018 exceeded 134 billion dollars at current prices, or 933 billion dollars, when considering the depreciation of the dollar as compared to the value of gold on the international market.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 15:09

The Yankee and the Modern

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As a sign of U.S. cultural hegemony, the identification of"the Yankee" with "modernity" seems to have remerged in Cuba. Those who want to attract clients with a "modern" appeal use symbols of the North: Santa hats, names in English for different spaces, Disney or Halloween costumes

Given the impossibility of accessing the U.S. market, the Havana Anti-Doping Laboratory was obliged to invest an additional one million dollars to acquire supplies last year, yet despite the constraints, 4,050 tests were carried out during the period, more than 3,000 for international entities

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