Tuesday, 17th January 2017

Cuba-U.S. Immigration Agreement: Revolutionary Government Declaration

  • Written by Granma / Photo: Jorge L. González

The government of the Republic of Cuba reaffirms its commitment to guarantee regular, safe, orderly migration, and to fully abide by this new agreement, having adopted the corresponding measures internally.An important step forward in improving bilateral relations occurred this January 12 with the signing of an agreement between the governments of Cuba and the United States, which entered into effect this same day, intended to guarantee regular, safe, and ordered migration.

With this agreement, eliminated is the policy known as "wet foot-dry foot" and the temporary admission parole program for Cuban health professionals, which Washington implements in third countries.

Joint Statement between the Governments of Cuba and the United States

  • Written by Granma



This January 12, the governments of the Republic of Cuba and the United States of America agreed to take a major step toward the normalization of their migration relations, in order to ensure a regular, safe and orderly migration.

MOTIVATED by an interest in the normalization of bilateral relations consistent with the Purposes and Principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, including those related to the sovereign equality of States, settlement of international disputes by peaceful means, respect for the territorial integrity and political independence of States, respect for equal rights and self-determination of peoples, non-interference in the internal affairs of States, and promotion and encouragement of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all;

A Blaze of Flamingos

  • Written by Joaquín Rivery / Photo: Granma

Pink flamingos are sociable animals.The sight of a beautiful flock of Caribbean flamingos flapping their wings as they suddenly take flight, like flames rising into the sky, from the small swamp at the mouth of the Máximo River in Camagüey, the first of Cuba's eastern provinces, or so many other places across the island, leaves one wide-eyed and astounded.

Cuba is without a doubt a nation making significant efforts, despite the U.S. blockade, to protect the environment in all ways, and specifically the endangered pink flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber ruber) which with its vibrant plumage appears like a stream of fire in the sky, and has been growing in numbers under the continual care provided by those responsible for the task, including the National Center for Protected Areas (CNAP), the Flora and Fauna entity, and nature lovers in general.

Cuban Youth Have Decided to Live in Our Free Cuba

  • Written by Taken from Granma

"Younger generations, as symbols of life, love, human justice, and Revolution," said the leader.Compatriots,
Friends from around the world accompanying us today,
People of Cuba:

Called together by history, the present and future, we come together at this historic Plaza only two days after the 58th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the heroic uprising in Santiago de Cuba, the landing of the Granma expeditionaries, and Revolutionary Armed Forces Day.