Passengers from the Braemar Cruise ship have now landed back in the UK.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez highlighted on Thursday the coordinated work of his country and the United Kingdom for the return of the passengers of the MS Braemar cruise ship, with five confirmed cases of the new coronavirus.

Las Tunas unemployment rate is less than three percent of its economically active population.

For every statistically unemployed inhabitant of this eastern Cuban province, five seem not to be interested in any of the job offers in the state sector or in the private segment of the local economy.

Cuban foreign minister at the Conference on Disarmament

Speech delivered by Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Cuban foreign minister, at the Conference on Disarmament. Geneva, February 2020.

There are efforts to revitalize the Barrio Adentro community health and sports missionsAn annual review of work carried out in 2019 by Cuba’s 13 social missions in Venezuela, led by the office that supervises them, served to highlight the accomplishments of these doctors in solidarity and sisterhood, an option for humanistic professional development urgently needed by all-powerful decision-making bodies and institutions of higher learning around the world, regardless of ideology, political system, religious belief, or race, since the destiny of humanity depends on respect for these values.