Clarissa and Ridel

Their eyes give them away: they are in love. It is not necessary to be experts in the field to realize. They caress each other, they kiss, they pamper themselves… they are happy and, although it seems cheesy, they have the premise of looking together in the same direction.

Clarissa Damila Pérez Hernández and Ridel Meriño Rivero go hand in hand for 11 years and find new reasons to stay together every day. One of them is their passion for music. The young woman plays the violin; and he, the guitar. And although these instruments do not always share the stage, that does not separate them.

“Our courtship began when I finished my studies at the Middle Level and Ridel worked as a teacher at El Cucalambé professional art school, but I was not his student. As we have always been right people, our love has since received approval. It was a beautiful thing because we started to go out with common friends and so we approached until this beautiful feeling was born,” says Clarissa, with a joy that spreads.

“We think alike in almost all the important things in life, which strengthens us because for a relationship to last there must be at least one common objective. Of course, music is always present, it is something mystical, a language that also communicates; through an interpretation, one can see what a person has inside,” says Ridel, who is also a composer and music producer.

In addition to their professional performances, they always find time to share as a couple; whether at home, at the Maceo Park, in an ice cream shop or during one of those excursions through different places that they design with their friends.

“Something vital is mutual respect. Of course, there are contradictions, but we maintain communication and always seek consensus. Although it seems to some people that we have been together for many years, I have really had a fantastic time. Every day I feel that I love him more,” the young woman confesses.

“She has the prettiest eyes I've seen. She is very intelligent and able to react to facts that I hardly notice. That is important because to achieve harmony it is essential that your spouse complements you,” says Ridel.

“I love his smile, besides how he plays the guitar and giving me peace when I need it most,” she says.

Their schedules are not office hours, but they support each other. Today they work on the play Tesoro, which will soon premiere the Teatro Tuyo Company. He composes the music that will accompany the piece and will perform it live along with her and the pianist Carlos Fernández, who integrates with Clarissa the Claroscuro chamber music duo.

They dream of having children, one day show their artistic experiences outside the country and preserve that feeling that makes their eyes have a unique shine.