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Fumigation campaign against the Aedes

Health authorities in the territory call for extreme measures against the Aedes aegypti to prevent local transmission of dengue and other arboviruses.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Viviana Gutiérrez Rodríguez, provincial director of Health, told local Radio that the surveillance system has detected a high rate of outbreaks of the mosquito, mainly in the municipalities of Las Tunas, Majibacoa and Manatí, as a result of high temperatures and rainfall.

She stated that such a situation worries and occupies the personnel of the sector in the territory that develops different actions with the few available resources to guarantee the security of the people of Las Tunas. However, she said, it is necessary to contribute from homes and workplaces with the auto focal in order to reverse this scenario.

"Dengue is a disease that causes great morbidity and mortality," she said. In the province, isolated cases have been identified and without signs of seriousness, while alerting about the importance of taking action on the matter to prevent a spread of this disease that can cause death.

As it is known, the control of the disease depends first of all on the elimination of the vector. For this, the house must be inspected every week, always the same day, according to the evolutionary cycle of the mosquito, because on the eighth day it can fly away. Essential activities include brushing and clogging tanks, checking drawers for refrigerators and air conditioners, drilling cans before throwing them away, and sanitizing patios.

At this stage, other diseases such as digestive disorders are also common, affecting mainly older adults and infants. The main causative agents of acute diarrheal diseases are viruses and bacteria, so food must be properly prepared, consumed and preserved, and water quality must be guaranteed; in addition to frequent hand washing.

Recently, the capture of more than 400 specimens of the African giant snail was reported in the Velázquez district, in this municipality. Gutiérrez assured that they carry out actions so that the plague does not spread to other areas. Neighbors in the community, together with the health authorities, must keep a constant watch on this exotic species, which can cause eosinophilic meningoencephalitis in humans.

In these times when so many diseases threaten people's well-being, the common good must be defended, and this can only be achieved by being disciplined and complying with health recommendations.