Monday, 16th January 2017

The magic of a good rum

  • Written by Nuria Barbosa León |


f0010219Havana Club's winning formula lies in its tradition of producing rums using the same aging technology used for over 150 years, as well as the combination of temperature, humidity and natural environment, a process led by experienced individuals committed to making a quality product.

Giant Pumpkin Growing in a Yard in Las Tunas

  • Written by Robiel Antonio Proenza Hernandez (Taken from Vision Tunera)

calabaza3433 3A giant pumpkin is growing in the courtyard of Mr.Jose Tur, in Las Tunas. It is one meter and two centimeters up to now, can grow further, because it has not yet reached full maturity.

The enormous pumpkin is a coincidence, the producer has never grown this plant in his yard, he has devoted it mainly to fruit trees.

Ancient Stone Mill in Las Tunas

  • Written by Maryla García Santos/ Photo: the author

molino-de-piedr3aArroyo Blanco is a small rural community located on the border between the provinces of Las Tunas and Holguin, in the municipality of Jesus Menendez.While visiting there, I was asked if I had ever seen a corn mill from the era of "the Indians."

When I said I had not, I was invited to visit one. Of course, my curiosity piqued with the possibility of discovering an object over 500 years in the middle of the 21st century.

Unusual: The Hen with the Largest Egg in the World Lives in Cuba

  • Written by Natasha Diaz Bardon

huevosrrLas Tunas.- Cuquita, a hen of this Cuban province, laid an egg of 230 grams and nine centimeters long. The egg goes well beyond the current records which have references in several countries, including ours.

In Argentina, files announced an egg of 198 grams; a family from Spain reported another of 170 grams. In Cuba, and in the same city, we had the highest national mark with an egg of 148 grams weight. The recent poultry discovery, however, exceeds all the current records.