Campaign against addictions is led by the Young Communist League

The Young Communists League (UJC by its Spanish acronyms) in Las Tunas is inserted in the prevention of addictions from an intense and flexible work program. Yudier Comendador, member of the Provincial Bureau of the UJC, explained this to 26Digital.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The youth leader ensures that the dialogue with the young people in all possible spaces, the multi-sectorial work and the enhancing of healthy recreation spaces are the formula that is bearing fruit in Las Tunas.

“Every year we dedicate an important time to update the information we have. Based on that, we can reach everywhere with activities that truly help in solving the problems, and we can also move around the sites of the province that most need our interventions on these issues.
“We give priority, for example, to basic secondary schools, but we do not forget the necessary presence also in pre-university schools and universities. Within the latter, especially in student residences.

“We also arrive frequently to communities that require differentiated attention and we do it with a varied program by virtue of healthy recreation. This year, we decided to include in these actions the coastal areas of Las Tunas. We know that there are delicious experiences with these boys. Besides, there are places that require an intense look in today´s Cuba.

“The Federation of Middle School Students (FEEM) has the projects "Don´t Be Another One More" and "FEEM for the Neighborhoods." The first takes place between the months of February to April and bets on intervention in the groups and with the Higher Secondary School Teaching. The second is in its fourth edition this month of January and has given excellent results in the neighborhoods.

“With the José Martí Youth Movement, we have reached communities such as San José, Las Margaritas, Palancón, Alturas de Buena Vista, El Marabú and others. Going to these sites with a message of NO to addictions, with the language of young people, gives good dividends. We are there too.”

Comendador has a trajectory of several years in these avatars. He ensures that the treatment of addictions has grown considerably in Las Tunas through the UJC. He considers that the perception of risk is already more noticeable. That is why he laughs at those who value that access to information goes hand in hand with consumption and even traffic.

“Teenagers talk with courageous criteria about these issues. That is the result of collective reflection and the knowledge that it is reached in various ways. We have to get involved in the daily lives of young Cubans to know how they think, what demands their attention and where their concerns are.

“We are also doing it through the movement of amateur artists, which is broad. Because recreation saves when it is healthy, it does not carry alcohol, it does not promote bad habits. It takes even more. In that, we walk. It can be in the discussion of a document in the classroom, in the base committee or it can be through a mobile application, whatever helps, we take it into account.”