Water solar heaters

Copextel Territorial Division in this province of eastern Cuba has begun selling solar water heaters to the population, as part of an experiment that began mid-last year in the capital of the country.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- At a price of two thousand 945 pesos (CUP), this equipment, manufactured by the Morón Refrigeration and Boilers Company, in Ciego de Ávila, has a capacity of 90 liters and can heat the liquid above of 50 degrees Celsius of temperature, after staying exposed to sunlight for six hours.

From the salesroom of Copextel, Orlando Daniel López Martínez, main specialist in Commercial Management of the entity, suggested to the interested parties to request a prior technical visit to their home by payment. In this, he said, "our technicians will assess whether the house meets the minimum conditions necessary for the installation of the heater, especially the strength and inclination of its roof."

Sale of solar water heaters

"If not, you will be advised to make the appropriate adjustments," he explained. This visit when it is a short distance, up to 12 kilometers from the headquarters of Copextel in the provincial capital, will cost 11.00 pesos, and when it is long distance, more than 12 kilometers, 1.00 peso will be charged for each kilometer traveled.

López Martínez indicated that although the transfer of the heater to the home is borne by the customer, Copextel can install it at a price of 118.00 pesos (CUP) and provides a commercial guarantee valid for one year. He added that buyers can then purchase the complex maintenance service for 197.00 pesos and, for 181.00 CUP, the repair when needed. "For more information, you can contact our call center Leatiendo through 31346753," he concluded.

In the middle of last year, the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) began this experiment with the sale of some seven thousand heaters to the residential sector of the city of Havana. The trial was extended last December to the central part of the country and from January to the eastern provinces.