HD digital television means better image and sound quality for viewers

A high definition (HD) digital television transmitter was installed in the municipality of Puerto Padre as part of the investments programmed by the Territorial Division of Radiocuba in this eastern Cuban province, to improve the quality of the television signal.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The new equipment will allow owners of hybrid televisions or HD-compatible encoder boxes in the Villa Azul to capture on channel 22 the Caribbean and Cubavisión plus channels.

Although the standard digital television (DTT) signal arrives in all the municipal capitals of the territory, this is not the case with digital television in HD, which until now was only possible to capture in the provincial capital since December 2017. HD digital television means better image and sound quality for viewers, even compared to DTT, as well as being energy-saving compared to analog signal transmitters.

Last February, Radiocuba executives here anticipated that in the present 2020 two Chinese-made high definition (HD) transmitters would enter service alongside that of Puerto Padre, one in the town of "Amancio" and another in the provincial capital.

At that time, it was announced that this year the partial analog blackout of the Educativo channel would also occur in this capital city to convert it into HD. But such a process depends on increasing the offer of hybrid televisions and the corresponding decoder boxes.

A great question mark now hangs over this endeavor after the almost total paralysis of the country's retail network, including the sale of household electrical appliances outside the stores in freely convertible currency, due to the social distancing measures implemented in the country in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic.