Hand sanitazing gel, by Labiofam in Las Tunas

A hand sanitizing gel is the new product that the Biological and Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Labiofam) business group exhibits in Las Tunas, with the aim of continuing the development of articles to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in the territory.

With a completely local creation, the gel, together with the hand sanitizing lotion and the hydro-alcoholic solution for cleaning surfaces, is another of the products that this Company has created as a result of the science and talent of its specialists for neutralizing the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

According to Yusimí Tamayo Ronda, director of Production and Business of the organization, "the gel arises from the demand of the population to use other products that guarantee the sanitation of the hands, as part of prevention and hygiene measures against the pandemic."

"The idea of creating this new product in the territory itself was immediate and, hands and intellect at work, we found the right compounds. We make the disinfectant from aloe, due to the valuable properties it has,” argued Yusimí.

Only of its kind within the business group at the national level, the gel produced in the bio-preparations plant located in Río Potrero already has about three thousand copies that are marketed in the wholesale sector and will soon be shipped directly to the population through the points of sale of this company, located in all the municipalities of the territory, Tamayo Ronda says.

"We use aloe because it is medicinal and also because of its crystal, vital for the aqueous formula and the texture of the gel," says Tonia Rodríguez Mayedo, who is the main specialist in the bio-preparations plant.

"We take advantage of the possibilities offered by this species with its antibacterial and skin protection properties, which in addition to sanitizing, softens the skin and has a cosmetic effect, as it provides minerals to the hands, a product that will be well received by the population," she assured.

"We are talking about a completely natural product, based on aloe and alcohol, the latter ingredient with the bactericidal function," said Rodríguez Mayedo. "It is a difficult elaboration process, which requires a lot of care and trained personnel for the correct handling of the substances and the extraction of the crystal," she concluded.

Process in the laboratory