Robiel Proenza, president of the ACCS in Las Tunas

The 28th anniversary of the foundation of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators (ACCS by its Spanish acronym) was celebrated in the province mainly through online activities, under the slogan "I am a communicator."

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Given the circumstances of the pandemic, the founders of the organization, members of the provincial presidency, young graduates and headquarters workers gathered in a reduced composition, to inform the new action plan.

28th anniversary of the foundation of the Cuban Association of Social CommunicatorsThey also took selfies with the theme: I am a communicator, posted interviews with ACCS founders through digital platforms, as well as of images and videos about their main events, and articles related to their work.

Other tasks have been the socialization of the nominees for the Provincial Communication Awards by specialties, the results of which are expected to be released on September 26, Day of the Public Relations Specialist. In addition, the Improvement Policy for the 2020-2021 period was presented, which expresses the principles of action of the Training Center for Communication Development (Cecom).

In the words of M.Sc. Robiel Proenza Hernández, president of the ACCS in the province, there are many reasons to celebrate despite the COVID-19, since grassroots associations have been constituted and strengthened in all municipalities, the recent graduates are linked with the training actions, they have maintained the bond with the University for the improvement of the affiliates and there are already two editions of the Master in Communication Sciences taught by a local university faculty.

“In the current context, our designers have carried out communicative actions through social media. Proof of these are the facial shields made by the Sosa García family, the cartoons by Antonio Medina (Antoms); the posters of the photojournalist Yaciel de la Peña, who, together with students of Social Communication at the University of Las Tunas, worked on a teaching-research project called: Social Communicators from their homes fighting the COVID-19. This initiative supports the policy of the Ministry of Public Health to prevent the disease that affects world society,” Proenza reported.

Migdalia Igarza, a founder of the ACCS in Las TunasThis audiovisual producer and journalist from the TunasVisión provincial channel assumed the leadership of that guild since 2012, which saw the light here on June 16, 1992, with the leading role of Migdalia Igarza Ávila and other communicators from organizations in the territory. They, with the support of the Party and the Government, held fairs, symposia, conferences, colloquia, and other events.

At the beginning of the 21st century, they elected María del Pilar de la Rosa Pérez, public relations specialist and advertising editor, as president. Under her guidance, the ACCS was distinguished by the professional development of its members, meetings with clients of the business system, and support for the Bachelor's degree in Social Communication, first in Santiago de Cuba and then at the University of Las Tunas.

Today's membership continues to keep alive the light illuminated by its predecessors, that which makes the art of communicating an indisputable strength.