El Mambú poultry farm

When it is about production, Juan Carlos Ponce de León is a must. Although he is not a specialist in poultry farming, he has his best introduction in the new breed. He and his family are very intense to do this and "they are very keen on new endeavors because they know that this is what the country is demanding".

Juan Carlos Ponce de LeónLas Tunas, Cuba.- From El Mambú farm, located on the road to Manatí, Ponce de León understood that it was time to turn their practices around and move from pigs to poultry. Driven by the difficult situation of guaranteeing food for the pigs, he decided to turn the corrals into cages and not stand idly by in the face of the crisis the nation is experiencing.

The wisdom and initiative have also been applied to the raising of chickens, and so much so that the poultry farmer created a peculiar system to feed his animals. "With tubes, puzzles, tanks, or whatever appears, we have invented the drinkers and the containers for their feeding. In addition, we made water systems to cool the structure in which these birds live when temperatures rise around midday," he explained.

With capacity for more than four thousand chickens, distributed in three buildings, this entrepreneur has the total production capacity covered and has among its results a very low mortality rate, because its animals have adapted optimally to the circumstances.

His aspirations in these times are very clear. "Bringing them up to six or seven pounds in 45 days is the goal to deliver them to the Poultry Company, and with willingness and sacrifice we will achieve it".

The successes of this farmer have led him to diversify production and proof of this are the plots of land dedicated to various crops. When his poultry production concludes the first cycle, after more than 40 days, "I will use the deep bed in which the chicks slept as organic matter to link agro-ecology with my crops and have better results," said the also farmer.

On his land he has seven hectares of maize, three of yucca, one of beans and one and a half of bananas; he belongs to the Prodecor Project and is working hard on the cultivation of maize grain, which is vital for import substitution and feeding the birds.

His wife Arelis Saldívar, together with him, contributes to achieving success. Together, in addition to the four thousand fattening chickens they look after, they carry out alternative agriculture for the breeding of 500 semi-rustic chicks, aimed at the production of eggs; and another thousand farmers, for meat, whose yields they will make available to the Defense Council for the people's consumption, because before the COVID-19 everything we do in food production is of national impact.