Farmers associated in the René Almanza Credit and Service Cooperative aims to increase productionsWithout going into a fairy tale, the 67 farmers associated with the René Almanza Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS in Spanish) expressed their commitment to exhaust their efforts to produce the food that the more than 37,000 farmers claim from the 15 of these productive forms located in this southern town of Las Tunas.

"Amancio", Las Tunas.- The commitment was made public during the development of the assembly that opened the doors in "Amancio" of the process of discussion and analysis that among its foundations contemplates the increase in the levels of delivery of milk, food, meat, grains and vegetables, as a formula to attenuate the consequences of a world economy affected by the pandemic of the COVID-19 and the intensification of the North American blockade against our country.

At the meeting, chaired by the main political, governmental and administrative authorities of the municipality, the insufficient quantity and quality of the productions destined to cover the demand of the different destinations of the self-supply, social consumption, industry and import substitution were known.

According to intendant Jesús García Pérez, the process leads irremediably to strengthening the integral work of each entity, while strengthening the link and unity of the management bodies with independent producers and perfecting relations with the companies.

For his part, Joaquín Medrano Ledesma, president of the CCS, referred to the work that is carried out farm by farm, with the aim of committing the associates to the essential contribution and actions that allow them to recover insufficiently exploited land and achieve positive results in the intercropping and rotation of crops.

In the will of the peasantry of “Amancio” is the challenge to stop the hoarding, diversion and illegal commercialization of agricultural production and influence the strengthening of the grassroots organizations, as corroborated by the intervention of Eldys Camilo Enrique Salabarria, president of the National Association of Small Farmers in this town.

Other topics discussed at the meeting were related to the planting of short-cycle crops, diversification and the insufficient existence of high-demand products such as bananas, cassava, malanga, sweet potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

The secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, Yaquel Vargas Castañeda called for rigor and control over production commitments and strict compliance with the obligations assumed by bodies in debt and arrears to the peasant sector.