Wednesday, 18th January 2017

New Agricultural Market Opened in Las Tunas

The population feels satisfaction for the variety and abundance of products in the section of vegetablesLas Tunas.- The families of Las Tunas welcomed the opening of a large new-type agricultural market, located in the historic center of this eastern city.

The marketplace is divided into spacious sections, where products of first quality are offered at affordable prices, which are in correspondence with the tariff approved by the Provincial Council of Administration, together with the Ministry of Agriculture office.

Meat of chicken, pork, rabbit and mutton is sold in the El Tunero market, where refrigerators are used for the preservation of these products, while canned fruit candy can be bought in a contiguous room.

The market, sponsored by the Provincial Collection Company, also has a small restaurant for the sale of meals at a reasonable price.

The establishment remains open for 12 hours, from nine in the morning to nine at night, with the aim of favoring people who, because of their work, find it difficult to purchase food on a normal day.

The population feels satisfaction for the variety and abundance of products in the section of vegetables and fruits. Margarita Licea told ACN "Everything is very good; and if maintained, it is a very important step forward in the objective of achieving systematicity in the offer of agricultural products."

The construction of the market was carried out in a place that served as a carnival area and then became a parking lot; its facade was respected and restored to preserve its eclectic architecture and the environment.

Very close to El Tunero, also in the Vicente García street, main artery of the city, there are other two markets, El Serrucho and La Reguladora, the same names they had when they were a hardware store and a grocery, respectively.

Both belong to the network of Ideal markets and they offer food, drinks, spices and comfit.

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