Wednesday, 18th January 2017

Las Tunas' Colombia Sugar Mill Gets Ready for Starting Harvest

The Colombia Sugar Mill is getting ready after seven years out of operationsLas Tunas.- The Colombia Sugar Mill entered the phase of partial testing of equipment and machinery, prelude to the harvest exercise and the general test with load, scheduled to take place in the third ten of the current month, after staying out of operations for seven consecutive years.

Israel Suárez Andino, director of the industry, told 26digital that the water treatment plant is completely ready, while in the number one boiler rose pressure and the pipes were blown, an operation to which the second unity will be submitted soon.

Seventy percent of the boiler room equipment has also been tested; as well as basculator's cane conveyor belts.

Some devices still to come are indispensable to continue with this process in the rest of the areas and to carry out the industry's general test.

The greatest amount of work to be done is concentrated in the power plant and the mills, which is why the first of these areas is supported by specialized forces from the province and other parts of the country; while a third work shift will be activated soon in the second to extend the workday to 24 hours.

The project approved to rebuild the "Colombia" is valued at 25 million 500,000 pesos, including about six million in freely convertible currency for the purchase of equipment, components and parts.

It includes the installation of new equipment, capital repairs in some areas and various special works, aimed at increasing efficiency and improve the manufacturing and energy operations in the harvest that should begin the coming January 25th.

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