Wednesday, 18th January 2017

Majibacoa Sugar Mill Leads Sugar Harvest in Las Tunas

The good performance of this young industry allowed the fulfillment of the so-called small harvestLas Tunas.- While the Majibacoa Sugar Mill shows its potential in the current sugar harvest, the "Antonio Guiteras" and "Amancio Rodríguez" industries do not find the path to stability.

The first of these mills gave a sign of being able to carry out a good campaign since last November 25th when its machinery entered operations, as it was scheduled.

The good performance of this young industry, which this year will celebrate 31 years of its inauguration, allowed the fulfillment of the so-called small harvest, and already accumulates more than two thousand tons above what was planned for the stage.

On the other side of the coin is the "Antonio Guiteras Colossus," the country's largest sugar producer on several occasions, but inconsistent in the last few harvests because of several reasons.

The "Guiteras", North of Las Tunas, did not start on the scheduled date and there have been constant breaks of its machinery, which has led to an exploitation of only 43 percent of its potential capacity and a delay of 15,000 tons of sugar in its production plan.

The difficulties in the "Amancio Rodríguez," among the most critical of Cuba in previous harvests, have caused the production of 4,000 tons below what was planned, although it has improved in the last days.

The "Colombia, which had been closed for seven years, will join the harvest in Las Tunas by the end of the current month, with a limited production plan.

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