Thursday, 02 May 2019 14:31

Las Tunas is Ready for Entrance Exams to Higher Education

Written by Elena Diego Parra
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Las Tunas is Ready for Entrance Exams to Higher Education Photo: ReyLópez

Around two thousand students from the province of Las Tunas are getting prepared to take the entrance exams to Higher Education. The call gathers the students enrolled in the 18 local urban pre-university institutes and the applicants through the Contest modality.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Manuel Guerrero Batista, executive secretary of the Provincial Commission of Entrance to Higher Education, reported to 26Digital that the schedule is organized as follow; the Mathematics exam will be applied on Friday, May 3rd. Then, the students will take the Spanish exam on Tuesday 7th and the History of Cuba exam on Friday 10th. A total of 4,619 capacities are offered this year for Higher Education in the province. From this amount, two thousand 02 correspond to the Regular Course, two thousand 32 to the Course for Workers, 95 to the Distance Course and 490 to the Higher Education Level of the Short Cycle.

The officer stressed that "The province has the proper conditions for the successful development of the process and the necessary information is available to students and parents in an updated manner." Senior high students will take the exams in their municipalities, at the selected schools that meet the conditions. The rest of the students that come from other source of training will be examined at the Pepito Tey campus of the University of Las Tunas. All applicants must bring their identification card. It is forbidden to enter the classroom with backpacks or bags, mobile phones, tablets, or any other device".

Among the novelties of the current school year is the fact that senior high students may request among its 10 options the short cycle programs. The specialties that can be accessed in this way are from the pedagogical and health areas. In the case of the first ones, the offers are Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Physics, Vocational and Technical Education, Spanish and Geography. Those that respond to the field of Medicine are Pharmaceutical Services, Radiology, Surveillance and Vector Control, Nursing, Social Work in Health, Electromedicine, Clinical Analysis, Hygiene and Epidemiology and Cytohistopathology.

Another of the announced changes is the opening of the Bachelor in Tourism in the University of Las Tunas in the Regular Course next teaching calendar, as part of the government policy of facilitating access to Higher Education. Senior high students will have at their disposal 14 places, and others will be allocated to the modalities of Contest and Order 18 of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. In addition, as part of the upcoming school year changes, the students of Las Tunas, who reach the Electrical Engineering, will attend it at the University of Camagüey.

To access the universities, the requirement to pass Mathematics, Spanish and History with a minimum of 60 points is maintained, and the requirement to submit to the ordinary call. Applicants that fail or do not take the exams may opt for the places not covered in the Short Cycle, the Distance Course and those prioritized by the country in the Course for Workers.

The granting of careers to the twelfth grade students who have passed in the first call will take place on June 3rd. In the case of the student that applied by the Contest modality, the process will be carried out at the end of the extraordinary call, in order to add to their plan all the majors not covered by other entrance sources.

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