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University of Medical Sciences of Las Tunas Consolidates the Path

Written by Esther De la Cruz Castillejo
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University of Medical Sciences of Las Tunas Consolidates the Path Photos: ReyLópez

The Dr. Zoilo Marinello University of Medical Sciences (UCM) will celebrate this year its tenth graduation as a house of high studies. However, for three and a half decades, the classrooms of the former Faculty of Medical Sciences have seen more than 18,000 students graduate in Las Tunas.


Las Tuna, Cuba.- Dr. María Elena Mawad, its Rector, talks about it with great respect. She stands out that among the graduates are more than 1, 100 from around 23 countries. She insists on the students as the great strength and the teachers as a determined staff oriented to the quality of each process. Together they advance in the accreditation of the careers, a necessary call that is producing outcomes.

Dr. María Elena Mawad, Rector"We are moving forward because we focus on quality processes, we have already achieved the accreditation of the Bachelor in Stomatology and we work in the evaluation of the specialties to certify Medicine in the next school year.

"At the moment we surpass the 3,500 undergraduate students and we reached more than 5,500 in the postgraduate enrollment. For the coming school calendar, we will incorporate eight new careerss in the modality of superior technician of short cycle, which are added to the one that is already functioning from this period.

"It's a challenge for all of us, because now it's a cloister that has to multiply the effort.The students give back so much sleeplessness with concrete results. The rector smiles while she comments that more than 370 new doctors will graduate this course. The first graduation of the Bachelor's degree in Nursing in Las Tunas after several years is added to them.

"We work intentionally with students to help them how to investigate, to interpret the results, to know in depth the health situation of the territory, to be able to modify it in favor of the population.

"Everything that is researched in the UCM from the student scientific groups and the residents has as a fundamental pillar to be based on an existing real health problem.

"Recently, the student scientific group came out with outstanding results at the Medical University of Sancti Spíritus, in the event that they sponsor annually related to Obstetrics and Gynecology. They brought most of the awards.

"They obtained the first place among the universities and the Grand Prize of the contest, and one of the works of Las Tunas goes directly to the International Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics next year.

"Likewise, we are joyful with the first place in the Lessons National Festival obtained by the University of Las Tunas (ULT)." This is an event of the Ministry of Higher Education in which the Cuban medical universities started to participate this year for the first time.

"We were chosen as venue for the next year's edition because of the results we achieve, which says a lot about the quality of the faculty, and such achievements are appreciable by the students, they feel them in their formation and feel proud of that."

The "Zoilo Marinello" also works in the doctoral training and by the end of this year; eight new candidates will be working on getting that scientific degree. Some of the professors are already holders of such degree in their subjects and progress is made, without fatigue, for the training of new professionals to improve the health and people's quality of life.

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