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Places for Entry to University Granted in Las Tunas

Written by Elena Diego Parra
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Places for Entry to University Granted in Las Tunas Photo: ReyLópez

Places for university studies in this province were granted on Monday to 1,197 graduates of Pre-university, applicants of the Order 18 of the Ministry of the Armed Revolutionary Forces, the Female Military Service and the School of Sports Initiation (EIDE in Spanish), who passed the entrance exams in the first summons.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Manuel Guerrero Batista, executive secretary of the Provincial Entry Commission, informed that of the total of students that reached more than 60 points in the three tests, only eight did not obtain any place due, fundamentally, to which they filled their ballots requesting a single specialty in some cases. He pointed out that these students belong to the Pre-university and can choose one of the 1,017careers that are still available.

Guerrero Batista explained that there were assigned a total of 1,197 places of the two thousand 429 that were offered, among them stand out 559 of Medical Sciences and 166 of Technical Sciences. As well, 76 of Social and Humanities Sciences, eight Pedagogical and 27 Economics, including 14 Bachelor's degrees in Tourism were assigned.

He stressed that there are still 1, 232 places to be covered with a significant diversity of offers to which those who will be presented to the second call - on 18, 21 and 25 of this month - can aspire.

Although the results have not been as expected, because the territory obtained in the ordinary call only 61 percent of approved applicants in the three subjects, the minimum values for entry of many specialties were high. In Industrial Design, for example, it was 97 points; in Language and Literature, 96.31; English Language, 94.36; Medicine, 90.16; and in Stomatology, 96.53.

The provincial director of Education, Nílser Piñeda Cruz, made a call to try to incorporate all the disapproved into the preparation for the extraordinary exams, emphasizing that the remaining places remains attractive. Those students who for some reason were not registered for the entrance exams will have the possibility of opting for the short cycle training programs, once the process of both calls has been completed.

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