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Universities Are Recognized as Centers of Local Management

Written by Danielle Laurencio Gómez – ACN
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Universities Are Recognized as Centers of Local Management Photo: ReyLópez

The 85 projects that the University of Las Tunas has are an expression of the work that researchers, students and professors develop in order to turn the house of high studies into an important local management center.


Las Tunas.- The Cuban Higher Education has opened its spectrum of influence through actions, projects and solutions in the economic, technological and socio-cultural fields.

Dagneris Batista de los Ríos, head of the Extracurricular Activities Department at the University of Las Tunas, explained how the internationalization of the university works, its management and expressions in the extension work.

Batista de los Ríos remarked how the linkage of this work with research and industry is mainstreams to academics and labor, a continuous process of integral transformation that while implement the updating of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution encourages universities to generate new sources of income and to update training and research programs according to the needs of development, the economic and social model and technologies.

In addition, the internationalization of Higher Education was identified as an opportunity to communicate science through academic and scientific networks, conventions and the international projects.

Darlenis Cruz, from the Provincial Direction of Culture, told the Cuban News Agency that it is not enough to be in social networks like Facebook, you have to be inserted in academic networks in order to better manage research, and give science to what is done daily.

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