Saturday, 22 June 2019 23:50

Las Tunas Fosters New Exportable Products

Written by Naily Barrientos Matos - ACN
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Muebles Ludema has manufactured the furnishing for five-star plus hotels and other tourism facilities Muebles Ludema has manufactured the furnishing for five-star plus hotels and other tourism facilities

This province focus its efforts in the development of 18 new exportable items, which will allow to diversify its sales in the international market and obtain higher income, in correspondence with a demand of the national economy and the country's highest leadership.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Eduardo Walter Cueli, deputy director of Economy and Planning in the territory, told the Cuban News Agency that Las Tunas is ready to start fishing the elver (young eel) on September. This kind of specie lives in rivers and has a great exquisiteness, texture and nutritional components what makes it a unique food and with opportunities for exportation.

He also said that the local Fishing Company has among its projections to market seashell and sea cucumber abroad, a variety of high demand in Asian markets where it is quoted at a high cost.

He added that the Balcony of Eastern Cuba has possibilities of recovering the export of coarse salt, which was stopped in 2008 after the damages caused by hurricane Ike. Such phenomenon affected this industry considerably, the second largest in the nation, second only to the one existing in Caimanera, Guantánamo.

Towards foreign markets, Las Tunas also plans to export furniture and household items made by Ludema, an iconic company of the Cuban Furniture Industry, DUJO, whose pieces are present in the five-star plus hotels Gran Manana Kempinski and Iberostar Grand Packard, in the capital of the island.

He specified that the Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture plans the sale abroad of hot pepper and banana, for which they select the producers that comply with food safety parameters and other requirements for export.

The deputy director of Economics and Planning in Las Tunas said that they are working to develop new exportable assortments derived from honey, one of the main goods sold outside the country, and he mentioned the propolis (resin obtained from the walls of the beehive) and Royal Jelly, examples of the diversification of productions.

Other items encouraged and developed here for being taken abroad are cinder and briquette, by-products of charcoal production, flagship exportable line in the territory, of which 4,800 tons were produced at the end of April, surpassing the planned sale income.

Currently, the province markets 15 products in the international arena, such as sugar, steel billets, charcoal, honey, shrimp, and alcohols, along with other assortments that this year should contribute to the local economy with 336 million in freely convertible currency.

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