Teaching coverage in this province is 96 percent, well above the national average. The remaining four percent is covered by other alternatives such as hired teachers and university students in the "Educating for Love" task, according to statements by Nilser Piñeda Cruz, provincial director of that sector.

The Dr. Zoilo Marinello University of Medical Sciences (UCM) will celebrate this year its tenth graduation as a house of high studies. However, for three and a half decades, the classrooms of the former Faculty of Medical Sciences have seen more than 18,000 students graduate in Las Tunas.

"The idea of universities becoming strategic allies to accompany local development actors and authorities is increasingly being positioned," said researcher Aramís Rivas Diéguez, from Las Tunas, who gave the inaugural conference of the 2nd International Scientific Convention and Expo-Fair Las Tunas 2019.

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