Thursday, 25 April 2019 15:04

Las Tunas Works for Keeping Lines of Natural Medicine

Written by Danielle Laurencio Gómez - ACN
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In the absence of several conventional drugs and the need to raise awareness among the population about the benefits of Natural and Traditional Medicine (NTM), this province works to keep the main lines of production covered.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- Mayrelis Hechavarría Pérez, main specialist of the NTM Production Center in Las Tunas, told the Cuban News Agency (ACN) that although the entity produces 62 lines to cover all pharmacological groups, they are currently developing only 29.

Hechavarría Pérez explained as main difficulty the lack of bottles, because it is very difficult to recover them and the medicines, produced in an innocuous way, require being free of contamination, an active principle, among other requirements; the products are endorsed by the Control Department of the physical, chemical and microbiological quality.

The specialist added that the manufacture of all the lines is not fulfilled due to a lack of resources that depend, mainly, on imports, such as preservatives, menthol and raw materials for the elaboration of several products.

"However, there is a presence of products that the Laboratory is not currently manufacturing in drug stores because there is still insufficient general awareness of the population to consume these drugs that are less aggressive than those of conventional origin, and for this cause the sale is very low."

Alicia Hidalgo Feria says she has a lot of faith in green medicine. She told the ACN that in the absence of Enalapril, a pill used in the control of hypertension, she began to consume the fluid extract of lemon grass (Cymbopogon citrates); and she was able to prove its effectiveness by checking her blood pressure on different occasions.

Likewise, she is also a consumer of the sour orange tincture to fight circulatory problems, in addition to the usual anticatarrhal syrups of white paperbark (cayeput), oregano, and orange, highly beneficial to face these viral affections.

According to Sailín Rodríguez Cruz, head of the Pharmaceutical and Optical Services of the Provincial Health Directorate, 130 medicines are missing at this moment from a total of 757, a situation that could perfectly have less weight on the population if the NTM consumption will increase.

She stressed that in this sense, the strategy should be adopted from the doctor's office to recommend the use of green medicine to patients and provide the necessary training to the personnel working in the pharmacies so that they can guide the population in what their main benefits are.

Among the most demanded products within the elaborations of the Center are the rubbing oil of Orange Jessamine (muralla), the different shampoos, syrups, lotions, and creams such as those of Caribbean pine and lemon grass, preparations assumed by some thirty workers.

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