Monday, 06 May 2019 09:47

Attention to the Elderly is a Priority in Puerto Padre

Written by Rosa M. Ramírez Reyes - Radio Libertad
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Attention to the Elderly is a Priority in Puerto Padre Photo: Rosa María

The completion of the 50 hosting capacities in the daycare homes of Delicias and Puerto Padre is among the immediate objectives of the Directorate of Public Health in the municipality, as part of the strategy of attention to population aging.


Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- Dr. Ana Delia Cordoví, head of the Senior Adult Care Program in the municipality, argued that in the Diego Tamayo Figueredo daycare home, six capacities are processed and a similar number in Delicias to complete all the hosting capacities.

She also commented that they are working to achieve the incorporation of 42 percent of grandparents to the practice of physical exercises.

Basic Health Teams, said the doctor, are in charge of the annual checkup of the elderly and the follow-up to the cases that require the intervention of the social worker.
Cordoví remarked that there are 29 centenarians and the life expectancy is 78 years in Puerto Padre.

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